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    10,000 mile oil change with synthetic oil?

    Thank you both for the input.
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    10,000 mile oil change with synthetic oil?

    So this past weekend I went in for an oil change...20k mile service. Toyota care covered it all which was nice. But the advisor said no need to return for oil change until 10k miles....just come back at 25k for basic stuff like tire rotation and air filter, etc. This Corrola uses 0w-20 i think...
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    Opinion on this certified 2019 Corolla?

    Looks good, but clean carfax doesnt mean it is good to go. Recommend having a trusted mechanic take a look at it before buying. I am not a fan of the CVT either. Took a chance and got a 18' Corolla and so far it runs very smooth. Also got the extended warranty just in case. If it's certified...
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    floor mats

    I bought the extended warranty -- concerned they will try and find a loophole to squirm their way out of it. Never thought in a million years floor mats would be a issue as its actually on the maintenance required checklist. I'm just not going to have a drivers side floormat i suppose. Cause...
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    floor mats

    I'm without them and will probably stay that way on drivers side since it's such a pain. Dont want my warranty voided over a dumb technicality.
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    17,400 on 2018 Corolla. Stinky AC is issue so far. Changed Cabin air filter myself(surprisingly easy to do). Put a half a can of lysol through it. Hopefully this does the trick. Wondering when to change tranny fluid as i dont see it on maintenance schedule. I'm thinking 50-60k.
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    Stinky A/C remedy

    So i put the disinfectant through the intake and it worked like a dream. No more stink. And I'm gonna try what you are doing to prevent it from returning...30 seconds before turning it off, switch to fan.
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    floor mats

    I am new to Toyota. And I have noticed the maintenance includes 'proper installation of floor mats'. First time I have ever seen that on a maintenance check list from a car manufacturer. Anyone know what the significance of that is? I don't even have floor mats -- certainly not Toyota floor...
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    Stinky A/C remedy

    Anyone ever try a can of lysol through the intake to kill the mold/bacteria growth? My A/C stinks when i first turn it on. Scotty does not mention removing the Cabin air filter. Anyone ever try this, with or without the cabin filter?
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    Toyota "Extra care"

    Yeah, so finally able to get some clarity on coverage. The plan covers powertrain plus everything in the gold plan. It's a lot but still too much not covered. So wondering if it was a bad investment. As you say, I've heard certified pre-owned is absolute BS. I have heard that they really dont do...
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    Toyota "Extra care"

    So I got the nearly $1300 extra care "Certified platinum" warranty coverage for my used, certified 2018 Corolla. 7 yrs or 100k, whichever comes first. Corolla has 17k miles on it What I am not sure about is what is actually covered. Is there a difference between the "certified platinum"...
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    What insurance do you have?

    I've made claims with Geico with no problem on payouts. But last time they raised my rates quite a bit on a very minor fender bender. Then tried to insinuate it was a result of my driving for Uber, which I have not done in a long time. Didn't appreciate their non sense so switched to...
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    I be co-ROLLING in my Corolla.

    I be co-ROLLING in my Corolla.
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    Transmission fluid change

    I paid nearly $300 for my GM for this -- different make of car but both CVT Transmission.
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    Got my first Toyota - 2018 Corolla, LE version

    Thanks, yeah. I'm thinking on getting another after this, a few years down the line. I've heard so much good things about Corollas. I've had GM or Ford my entire life so this is quite a change for me.