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    How many miles do you have so far??

    Yea you should be able to
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    How many miles do you have so far??

    2014 Corolla S with 62,300 first owner, no issues, in the process of switching out bad brakes with high performance slotted disc brakes black with zinc coating, replacing pads and painting the calipers red (correct way not spray on)
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    Plug N' Play Remote Start

    Mine is push to start and stick shift
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    I'm thinking of doing like a blue chrome vinyl wrap interior (rolla is blue) but I was thinking of blue chrome vinyl wrapping everything that is silver in the vehicle including the steering wheel and all four doors dashboard and shift selector piece however I do like the way your arm rest turned...
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    Plug N' Play Remote Start

    There is a video with a 2016 Corolla that had a compustar pro t11 installed on it it ranges about 4 to $500 top-of-the-line the remote is indestructible nearly I've had my eye on it for the past year it will remote start however unlike this one that is being shown on the Forum the compustar...
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    Crescendo audio is very clean, I want to upgrade to them
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    Wing spoiler help on Corolla !

    I went with the T5i wing it's made for the corolla design
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    LED fogs

    That's a newer model tho mine didn't have the ballast and mine I think is the XML series H11 size led bulbs
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    LED fogs
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    LED fogs

    Diode Dynamics they are plug and play had them now for over 2 years strong no issues super bright, no vinyl wrap on fogs, hyper bright yellow look day or night
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    Save the 6 speed!

    14 S stick shift
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    Questions about lowering my 2014 Toyota Corolla S

    Follow "ShineGraffix" on YouTube he very knowledgeable and just did a video on lowering
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    Driving in Manual Mode a Bad Idea??

    My 14 is stick shift always in "sport mode" I don't have eco button or mode
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    Fog lights?

    No vinyl wrap on mine, hyper yellow look at night and day when on
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    Fog lights?

    Diode dynamics size h11 (plug n play simple install 2 years no problem)