How Many Miles Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Toyota Corolla Maintenance' started by Nathan, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Kyky7

    Kyky7 New Member

    I have 228000 miles on my 2000 corolla ce with a manual transmission! It runs amazingly, and gets 38 to 43 mpg at sea level in md.
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  3. 11thGenWin

    11thGenWin New Member

    That's 29,364 miles so yes, you have miles...
  4. 11thGenWin

    11thGenWin New Member

    I only have 11,300 on my 2015 Corolla. I had 70k on my older 2010 Corolla and it still ran smooth as can be.
  5. Robby10s

    Robby10s New Member

    It makes me so mad the USA won't sell these....
  6. Murphy cat

    Murphy cat New Member

    china 14 corolla has run for 20000KM,the CVT break down:(
  7. EricW

    EricW New Member

    I have 110k on my 2001 LE and 50 on my 2017 SE
  8. Murphy cat

    Murphy cat New Member

    Your transmission is manual,right?
  9. EricW

    EricW New Member

    No, both are automatics. My Spyder is a manual though.
  10. Frye

    Frye New Member

    I purchased my new 2003 corolla in April of 2002 when the new body style came out. Since then, I've replaced the following. Catalytic converter probably 4 times, starter, air conditioner compressor, valve cover gasket and the normal maintenance items. At about 350,000 miles my car didn't have the power it should have had and cut off a couple of times while driving. After a little research, I found that the spark plugs and coil packs were bad. This car had never had them replaced until now and when I removed the old plugs there was absolutely nothing left of the tips. I have no idea how it ran as long as it did. My corolla now has over 397,000 miles and still going strong. When I purchased my car, my commute was 63 miles one way. In 2007 I changed jobs which is a little closer to home at 50 miles one way. When something goes wrong with it I think well, this is it! But after YouTube searching and replacing the parts myself the car just keeps going and going. I love my car.
  11. CorollaKid

    CorollaKid New Member

    2015 with 37,000 miles. Averaging about 2,300 miles per month.
    Keeping about a 41mpg average.

    Very pleased with this car!
  12. Frye

    Frye New Member

    I guess I should have kept my mouth shut and not made this posting thread. Yes my Corolla "had" just under 400k miles on it until last week when it started shuttering in heavy traffic or traveling at low speeds. Took it to my mechanic and found that there was only 70 of compression in the engine. My options were way too expensive to invest in the car so I traded it in
    for $1000 an purchased a 2007 Camry with 155k miles. I'm sure this car will treat me well like my grand old corolla.
  13. CorollaKid

    CorollaKid New Member

    Wow, Frye. Really sorry to hear about the Corolla, but 400,000 miles is pretty amazing!

    Good luck with the Camry.
  14. nctoni

    nctoni New Member

    i would like to hear how to do this also if you don't mind. i have an 06 that just turned over 100.000.
  15. CorollaKid

    CorollaKid New Member

    Hit 40,000 miles last night. The car is 18 months old.
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  16. Superbike

    Superbike New Member

    Hello Everyone. I bought my 2005 Corolla XRS brand-new, 0 miles, in Feb of 2005. It has 198,040 as of today. I replaced 2 wheel bearings (likely from corrosion due to salt on roads in winter months), aside from that, all else has been normal maintenance. I just changed the oil today and it was right on the full mark before I drained it out. What a good tight engine.

    A well-maintained Toyota Corolla will probably last longer than it's owner wants to keep it.
  17. peluzo69

    peluzo69 New Member

    Hi I have a 2011corolla s type with 437000 still runs great
  18. Murphy cat

    Murphy cat New Member

    No,auto-transmission ,another jargon is 8-speed CVT.
  19. Sunamer

    Sunamer New Member

    I have 94,450 miles on my Corolla 2011 LE.

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