How Many Miles Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Toyota Corolla Maintenance' started by Nathan, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Kyky7

    Kyky7 New Member

    I have 228000 miles on my 2000 corolla ce with a manual transmission! It runs amazingly, and gets 38 to 43 mpg at sea level in md.
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  3. 11thGenWin

    11thGenWin New Member

    That's 29,364 miles so yes, you have miles...
  4. 11thGenWin

    11thGenWin New Member

    I only have 11,300 on my 2015 Corolla. I had 70k on my older 2010 Corolla and it still ran smooth as can be.
  5. Robby10s

    Robby10s New Member

    It makes me so mad the USA won't sell these....
  6. Murphy cat

    Murphy cat New Member

    china 14 corolla has run for 20000KM,the CVT break down:(
  7. EricW

    EricW New Member

    I have 110k on my 2001 LE and 50 on my 2017 SE
  8. Murphy cat

    Murphy cat New Member

    Your transmission is manual,right?
  9. EricW

    EricW New Member

    No, both are automatics. My Spyder is a manual though.
  10. Frye

    Frye New Member

    I purchased my new 2003 corolla in April of 2002 when the new body style came out. Since then, I've replaced the following. Catalytic converter probably 4 times, starter, air conditioner compressor, valve cover gasket and the normal maintenance items. At about 350,000 miles my car didn't have the power it should have had and cut off a couple of times while driving. After a little research, I found that the spark plugs and coil packs were bad. This car had never had them replaced until now and when I removed the old plugs there was absolutely nothing left of the tips. I have no idea how it ran as long as it did. My corolla now has over 397,000 miles and still going strong. When I purchased my car, my commute was 63 miles one way. In 2007 I changed jobs which is a little closer to home at 50 miles one way. When something goes wrong with it I think well, this is it! But after YouTube searching and replacing the parts myself the car just keeps going and going. I love my car.
  11. CorollaKid

    CorollaKid New Member

    2015 with 37,000 miles. Averaging about 2,300 miles per month.
    Keeping about a 41mpg average.

    Very pleased with this car!
  12. Frye

    Frye New Member

    I guess I should have kept my mouth shut and not made this posting thread. Yes my Corolla "had" just under 400k miles on it until last week when it started shuttering in heavy traffic or traveling at low speeds. Took it to my mechanic and found that there was only 70 of compression in the engine. My options were way too expensive to invest in the car so I traded it in
    for $1000 an purchased a 2007 Camry with 155k miles. I'm sure this car will treat me well like my grand old corolla.
  13. CorollaKid

    CorollaKid New Member

    Wow, Frye. Really sorry to hear about the Corolla, but 400,000 miles is pretty amazing!

    Good luck with the Camry.
  14. nctoni

    nctoni New Member

    i would like to hear how to do this also if you don't mind. i have an 06 that just turned over 100.000.
  15. CorollaKid

    CorollaKid New Member

    Hit 40,000 miles last night. The car is 18 months old.
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  16. Superbike

    Superbike New Member

    Hello Everyone. I bought my 2005 Corolla XRS brand-new, 0 miles, in Feb of 2005. It has 198,040 as of today. I replaced 2 wheel bearings (likely from corrosion due to salt on roads in winter months), aside from that, all else has been normal maintenance. I just changed the oil today and it was right on the full mark before I drained it out. What a good tight engine.

    A well-maintained Toyota Corolla will probably last longer than it's owner wants to keep it.
  17. peluzo69

    peluzo69 New Member

    Hi I have a 2011corolla s type with 437000 still runs great
  18. Murphy cat

    Murphy cat New Member

    No,auto-transmission ,another jargon is 8-speed CVT.
  19. Sunamer

    Sunamer New Member

    I have 94,450 miles on my Corolla 2011 LE.
  20. ashton ybb

    ashton ybb New Member

    2009, acquired July, has 152,000 kms. normal wear and tear replacement (tires, regular oil changes, transmission oil (1x at 90K), serpentine belt at 80K, spark flags (1x, in 7th year), coolant flush, silver colour so 2 to 3 times car wash a year, change air/cabin filters every 32K, replaced front/rear brake pads and rotor, will replace the rear rotors this year, brake fluid flush 7x or every early fall, 1x replacement of left brake light bulb, yearly replacement of wiper blade rubbers (eaten by snow/ice on windshield in winter times).
  21. Steven H

    Steven H New Member

    Im glad you were able to get a few more miles out of it. have an 06 Corolla with about 380k on it. Normally i drive 150 miles a day. My car is in the shop for a checkup. It just lost power while leaving the house two times on separate days. It was like I took my foot off the gas but I hadn't. A couple of weeks back the dealership suggested I needed new spark plugs cause of a ruff idle. No major rapairs done to her yet. If the dealership say the repair is transmission or expensive ill just go get....another 06 Corolla! Best investment ever.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2017
  22. SuperchargedMR2

    SuperchargedMR2 New Member

    I've got 8 Toyotas in the family.

    1989 Supercharged MR2 5MT - 143k miles
    1994 Corolla DX 5MT - 296k miles
    1995 Supercharged Previa DX - 160k miles
    2006 Scion xB 5MT - 105k miles
    2007 Corolla CE 5MT - 103k miles
    2008 Yaris HB 5MT - 62k miles
    2009 Corolla S 5MT - 96k miles
    2010 Prius III - 72k miles

    My first car was a 1969 Corolla that had over 400k miles until I was hit by a drunk driver.
    My 1982 Corolla Tercel had over 320k miles when it was stolen and totaled.
  23. Applerolla

    Applerolla New Member

    I have just bought a 95 Corolla e100 diesel with 90k miles. Lady had it for 20 years witg the last 10 years averaging 2k per year. Cost me £200 and a front brake caliper and tyre to get it through its MOT. I think this car is amazing - true bangernomics! Use it now for commuting and will probably put on 12k a year on her.
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  24. WheelSpin

    WheelSpin New Member

    I have just over 130,000 on mine and running well. The only major part that has been replaced is the clutch - but that is to be expected.
    Great durability!!

    My wheels: Corolla NG 1.4 Luna

  25. Matt Hicks

    Matt Hicks New Member

    My '09 corolla just turned 141K. Just now I was told the Trans needs service and I had to replace the alternator. The Trans is the only major repair of the car in 9 years. I was driving for a few years at 500-750 miles per week in stop and go traffic so the wear and tear was bad on the car. I thought about replacing it instead of rebuilding the trans but decided it was worth keeping the car. The engine is doing well so I am keeping the car until at least 200k. II currently use it only to drive to the train station and around town so I put 10k miles/year on it.
  26. wesley

    wesley New Member

    My 03 corolla just turned 165K and it's running very well. I as well has only replaced the clutch so far and few minor things.
  27. ventutiux

    ventutiux New Member

    2007 corolla 222 222 kilometers / 138 000 miles - running fine no problems at all, replaced 1 coil and 4 spark plugs yesterday was still running on three cylinders bit rough but still perfectly drivable, car has been neglected but never ever let us down.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
  28. Josh Malloy

    Josh Malloy New Member

    I have a 97 Toyota Corolla with 234,601 miles on it and still runs and drives like a brand new car. I did just pay for a massive overhaul due to the previous owners lack of maintenance such as - new gas tank, two new rims and tires, rocker panels from wheel to wheel on both sides, new exhuast system, exhuast sensor, (complete rust repair of the entire underbody as I live in Maine....road salt) original engine and transmission, no leaks and doesn't burn oil. 2,175.75$ later and The car is like brand new again and ready to tack on another 200K. I love these Corollas and I'll drive it until it dies and rebuild it and do it again all over.
  29. JadeMarten

    JadeMarten New Member

    Hello. Brand new member here. I have a 2004 Corolla LE with about 266,000 miles. I bought it in 2009 with 77,000 miles. The previous owner was an engineer who maintained the car and kept meticulous records.The engine is still great, and I have done a pretty good job with maintenance myself. In addition to routine stuff, I've replaced the starter twice, put in a few new batteries, replaced the alternator, had several brake jobs, replaced one coil, and just this week replaced the original front struts and stabilizer bar. I plan on replacing the rear struts by the end of the year. Although I've spent well beyond what the car is worth in the last year or so, I feel that I will continue to get my money's worth as I make a twice a week 330 mile round trip for work. And highway miles seem to be better for it than bumper to bumper city miles. I'm hoping to get another 100,00 miles!
  30. Robert Brown

    Robert Brown New Member

    I have a 95 corolla with over 900k miles. Trans finally went out a few years ago and sadly I haven't been able to fix it yet
  31. aagray121

    aagray121 New Member

    i have a 1997 Corolla with 331,000 miles and have had it for 4 years now, got it when it had 221,000 miles and it is still running strong! I love it to death. Best car I will probably own for a long while. No major parts repaired or expensive fixes. Still has radio, clock, a/c, heat, etc.
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  32. Brent88

    Brent88 New Member

    I have a 99 corolla, whats the highest life span usually? I have 289,000 miles and still runs great.
  33. Debasis Goswami

    Debasis Goswami New Member

    2005 Corolla LE. 198K+ miles. Runs smooth :)
  34. Win

    Win New Member

    Ok so I know no that mine is not a fluke. 2004 299,999 miles stuck on that for several months.
  35. Win

    Win New Member

    2004 Corolla CE currently stuck on 299,999 miles for several months so over 300,000.

    I have replaced the catalytic converter and the starter, otherwise no major repairs. Only needed routine maintenance like tires, brakes, oil changes, light bulbs, and filters, batteries, belts, spark plugs. I bought it new. It has some rust on the lower door portion of body on driver side. However, I trust it to take me where I need to go and it has never failed to start in cold Midwest winters. I usually do not say this about inanimate objects, but I Love my car.
  36. debasisg

    debasisg New Member

    2005 Corolla LE. 199+K miles. Replaced factory radio to upgrade. It was working. Installed remote starter for winter.

    Electrical connections are problems generally in this model. Instrument lighting does not work on doors, below radio, and shifter.

    Check engine light comes on and off. Not an emission problem. Reports transmission solenoid stuck. So, mileage is slightly reduced. But because there are electrical problems, I am not totally sure if the transmission is bad. The car starts and drives smooth. No noticeable problem in driving.

    I have only replaced standard wear items. Even the spark plugs lasted 140K - more than rated and I replaced just to be safe.
  37. kimyong

    kimyong New Member

    2015 Corolla LE,100+K miles
  38. Seacubster

    Seacubster New Member

    I have a 2017 SE. It has 2084 miles on it. I don’t even know it’s broke in yet. Hoping this baby lasts for many years!
  39. Denis L'Heureux

    Denis L'Heureux New Member

    My 2014 S had about 93,000 miles when I traded it in last year, my 2017 xse is 10 months old and passed 38,000 miles, both cars had less than 10 miles on them when I bought them.... I range from 40,000 to 50,000 a year...
  40. 04svt

    04svt New Member

    My odometer stopped at the 299,999
    So far i have 311,000 total and still running strong original engine and trans.
  41. Paulrjag

    Paulrjag New Member

    my 2015 S has 43,000 miles I brought her used 1 owner on a lease a few months back so far so good
  42. Christian_pulisic

    Christian_pulisic New Member

    I've experience with corolla 98 and it has close to 52,000 miles original.
  43. Christian_pulisic

    Christian_pulisic New Member

    it is difficult to predict the estimated miles once the fuel gauge dial turns orange. From my perspective, the fuel tank should never be left empty. So, i wanna request you guys instead of wasting your time in calculating the mile that you can go on an empty fuel tank, you should check the fuel tank before hitting the road in order to avoid the affair of an empty fuel tank in the middle of the voyage.
  44. wkun10

    wkun10 New Member

    My 1990 Corolla wagon 5-speed has 356,000 original miles on original engine.
    I had to replace the transmission at 305K because 5th gear was popping out so I had a used tranny put installed everything else is original. Built in Japan.

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