How Many Miles Do You Have?

Have 2019 corola hatchback. hope new drive train dose as good as in past models . its got 800 miles so fare.
I like the hatchback but I got such a good deal on the LE Sedan at the end of year I am pretty satisfied. Actually my son will get it when he goes off to college and I will be back to my old 03 Honda Odyssey beater.
I have a 2010 le with 122,000 miles, I would love to get to 300k with the original powertrain. I do all my own mantainence and repairs. I’ve only had to do mataience. Just put in new plugs at 120k. I am about to put new rotors and pads on along with flush the master cylinder and lines with fresh fluid. I am just going off best judgement after superpassing the manuals last service interval. I would love for advice or tips. It has a 1.8 L.
Mine was 3 miles. The manager had it pulled off the truck and saved for me because I did not want any add ons.
Mine was not on the show was in the back, on the very top of a parking garage with a whole bunch of other cars...basically storage. However, it was soooo dirty up there. I didnt even thing about them having more cars other than what I could see in the front. Every car back and up there were completely covered in dust. In hindsight, it was prolly a bad idea to buy that one, lol. Who knows how long the car has been sitting there (long enough to be covered in a blanket of dust) and who knows how much damaged the dust did to the clearcoat/paint. Regardless, i test drove it, then they washed and detailed it for me, let me inspect it once again, then filled it up with gas. All that added 5 more miles. I left the lot with the car at 9 miles...and that's what it says on the paper work.

Only 110 000 miles ... but it's ok, cause it's my brother's car he gave me for couple months. By the way, wanted to ask, are there any websites with great articles about different components of the car (like this:, out there on the web? It would be great to know. Cause this website, for example, explained me a lot about jumpers and jumper cables, that I didn't know before, counting I have 10 years of experience.
My 2018 'Rolla turned 1-year-old, yesterday. Mileage is at 14803 Miles after 1 year. No issues except the key fob is finicky. Replaced the battery twice aleady and im still having intermittent issues with it not locking and unlocking. Yesterday, with a battery changed not more than a month prior, it wouldn't lock the door. 3 hours later, it would.... Mileage after 1 year_ 6_30_2019.jpg
2010 LE (bought in Feb 2011) with 179,762
1st “major” repair last week...the alternator.
Brakes, oil changes, 4 new sets of tires a strut replacement (due for another), 2 batteries (going for a 3rd tonight), a radiator drain and fill and drain and fill on the trans fluid twice (due for a 3rd) is pretty much all we have done.
Still drives great
One of the best things about a Toyota is how long they last. Mine has 87K on it right now but I know I can double or even triple that no problem.

How many miles does yours have?

List the year and model too if you don't mind.
My wife drives a 2013 Corolla S. ~54k miles (86k kms). Hoping to keep it for many more years.
I have a 2016 toyota Corolla SE 160k miles. It was going strong until I took it in for the CVT recall/update what ever you want to call it..boy what a problem.. they could not get my car to except the update without my transmission slippng.. they changed the transmission casing? And then the valve something. The problem was paid by Toyota and approvals to get the work done had to go up the chain at Toyota. I finally got my car back after two weeks but now I'm not sure if I should just trade in or keep driving it.. any suggestions our any advise from someone that's had a similar situation.