How Many Miles Do You Have?

Have 2019 corola hatchback. hope new drive train dose as good as in past models . its got 800 miles so fare.
I like the hatchback but I got such a good deal on the LE Sedan at the end of year I am pretty satisfied. Actually my son will get it when he goes off to college and I will be back to my old 03 Honda Odyssey beater.
I have a 2010 le with 122,000 miles, I would love to get to 300k with the original powertrain. I do all my own mantainence and repairs. I’ve only had to do mataience. Just put in new plugs at 120k. I am about to put new rotors and pads on along with flush the master cylinder and lines with fresh fluid. I am just going off best judgement after superpassing the manuals last service interval. I would love for advice or tips. It has a 1.8 L.
Mine was 3 miles. The manager had it pulled off the truck and saved for me because I did not want any add ons.
Mine was not on the show was in the back, on the very top of a parking garage with a whole bunch of other cars...basically storage. However, it was soooo dirty up there. I didnt even thing about them having more cars other than what I could see in the front. Every car back and up there were completely covered in dust. In hindsight, it was prolly a bad idea to buy that one, lol. Who knows how long the car has been sitting there (long enough to be covered in a blanket of dust) and who knows how much damaged the dust did to the clearcoat/paint. Regardless, i test drove it, then they washed and detailed it for me, let me inspect it once again, then filled it up with gas. All that added 5 more miles. I left the lot with the car at 9 miles...and that's what it says on the paper work.