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    Front Bumper License Plate Hole Plugs

    Hello All, I have 2016 Toyota Corolla S+ with the piano black on the front bumper. I want to take my front license plate but obviously I'd be cursed with the holes that hold the license plate in place. Can someone recommend some plugs that they use that are fairly cheap that come close to the...
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    Yakima Bike Rack with Fairing

    Just wondering what everyone thinks.... I have a white Corolla S and wrapped my top gloss black I wanted to get a Yakima bike rack on my roof with the fairing... Anyone have pics of their Corolla with this? Do you guys think it'll look good with rack and the black top? Pros and Cons of the...
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    Smartphone App

    Ah thank you. Was looking for something along the lines for music on my phone too tho. Lol yeah the USB is super low powered lol
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    Smartphone App

    What music player app is everyone using for their corolla? I used to use Samsung Music which was great cause I could set shuffle and repeat and everything. Google Music does let me.... Got a Pixel now so no more Samsung Music.
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    has anyone else tinted their tail lights with plasti dip?

    How'd you get your car look so glossy? or is that filter on the pic? nice lights btw
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    "S" Owners, Post photos of your display showing MPG's

    33.9. I'm doing city all day tho. Just under 4000mi my top speed is like 40 if I'm lucky then I'm braking.
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    Wrapped my roof this weekend...

    honestly I didn't do much my buddy did most of it. but clean the surface really well I guess lol
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    Wrapped my roof this weekend...

    Thanks!! Hmm I think that's it for now. I kinda like the chrome plate emblems to offset all the black and white
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    Wrapped my roof this weekend...

    Let me know what you think??
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    3 Week old 14 s plus totaled :(

    Sigh sorry to hear that. I used to work for State Farm. At Progressive now... I was part of the CAT team out there working that crazy storm in TX. Dunno if that's where you're from tho.
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    Paint Issue on Trunk

    I have this same issue seen it on random spots of my car... haven't took it to dealer or anything. Hope it doesn't get worst. Has anyone used the iron X or clay bar?
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    TRD Badges

    nice. did you tint your tail lights too?
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    2016 LEDs

    Hey TheDrainnoodle I like those tail lights how'd you get em like that are those stock? you got a picture of your rear end there?
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    TRD Badges

    Not a real big deal LOL but what do you all prefer? The TRD Emblem on the back above the "S" or The TRD Grill Emblem I'm swaying toward the emblem above the S in the rear but seems like more people putting them on the grill... Does anyone ever do both? Just wondering....
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    2016 LEDs

    Yeah I was going to do everything but the blinkers b/c i didn't want to mess with wire just yet. lol