Most of us Probably have a "Recall" (CVT)

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by jeremy_283, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Right, that's identical to the initial service campaign. It could also be that perhaps some dealerships didn't run the right tune, or have done it incorrectly which may have cause some other unwanted behavior. At this point its all speculation, who knows. I got my update and like I said unless it was placebo, car feels lighter on it's feet but who knows.
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  3. TitoV98

    TitoV98 New Member

    Thats crazy. I swear my car drives a lot smoother and its quieter when im going uphill and pushing the rpms. I guess we'll have to wait and see
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  4. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Dude, mine too. Glad I got it while it was available. I literally went same day I read about it here.
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  5. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Watch the ones, myself included that got their update done have CVT failures. haha. knock on wood since I don't want it to happen considering the new cvts replacements aren't new, just refurbished. I bet you in the near future the'll be shops that refresh/refurbish cvts. There are kits being sold for this specific purpose for our model. They're doing it in Russia and other parts of the world. US is the only country that no longer repairs, if broke, replace and not just car technology but everything. Think about the negative impact this has from pollution perspective. I'm sure much of the metal would get recycled, refurbished in most cases but same can't be said about plastic and a lot of crap gets made out of plastic/polymers these days. Why didn't they make those fake Dubai world islands from plastic bottle patch that's floating in the pacific somewhere? Not only that sand erodes but a good tsunami and they're gone. Why not reuse plastic and anchor it down good? I know, because rich sobs wouldn't like that, it doesn't go with the desert sandbox theme they got going on over there. How about plastic bottles filled with sand? Not picking on dubai though, just saying.
  6. Sam.s

    Sam.s New Member

    My dealer just called me to cancel my appointment , the person who called to tell me said that the remedy they had thought was to correct the issue isnt affective . So they retracted the recall till further notice.
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  7. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    I wonder if it isn't effective on some trims or all. For instance mine's an LE so no paddle shifters like on the S. Not even sure if Eco has paddle shifters and if all cvt transmissions are mapped exactly the same? So if they said the update isn't effective, does that mean our cvts are continuing to wear prematurely since they haven't denied that part correct? Are they still acknowledging that the issue is there and service campaign still in effect? Are they working on another fix?
  8. TitoV98

    TitoV98 New Member

    So will the ones who got the update be recieving a call from the dealer? Will they tell us that the update was faulty or will they hide that too?
  9. howlinwolf

    howlinwolf New Member

    My appointment for Tuesday was cancelled today as well. When I asked why they said they have no idea why but assume something was going wrong with the cars that was updated already or just the update was wrong.
  10. shmeaty

    shmeaty New Member

    I had my appt on 4/9/18; it took about an hour for them to update it. My car definitely drives slower when you try to accelerate from a red light. It’s almost like it is handicapped when I launch from a stop, so I’m sure my 0-60 is slower. It does shift smoother though. I’m in Utah so 80 is the freeway speed and it feels much smoother getting up to that. Hopefully the update works, I’ll have to stay tuned to see if they push out another one since it was suspended.
  11. TitoV98

    TitoV98 New Member

    Yours slowed down and i feel like mine is a lot faster lol
  12. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    Mine accelerated faster and runs smoother after the update
  13. jolly

    jolly New Member

    As far as incriminating itself, it’s already done… especially since the outlook could turn sour from now. Even if by any luck the issue ends up not being a big deal. All of a sudden, that’s already two strikes for some owners (the issue, and the apparently wrong correction). Either the remedy update is bugged itself, or the diagnostic was wrong in the first place. Not good, especially about an almost 8 years old design. Troubled CVTs from other manufacturers were quickly spotted and identified…

    Interestingly, although my VIN is clear, dealer told me that a) the situation could change and b) they don’t take appointments yet and probably not before a month. I wonder if Toyota might be in the process of “upgrading” the status of “service campaign” to official “recall” (NHTSA).In any event, they sure lack the transparency they promised after their 1 billion+ fine for the unintended acceleration quid pro quo.

    On the other hand, I have to say that my Corolla has been trouble-free (well, except for the Valvematic update campaign) for 4½ years and with the lowest maintenance cost. No other brands have given me that before. Fingers crossed !
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  14. Tony Mora

    Tony Mora New Member

    As far as the re-programming for the CVT-S goes for me it was done during routine maintenance under 50 minutes and I did notice a huge diference in the trasmision with a lot less cycling and slippage and more noticeable pep to it. I have the 2016 S Plus model.
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  15. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    If I was to sum it up now that I’ve been driving on the new tune for a week is that cvt is more efficient. My mpg keeps improving a bit as well. As long as you don’t floor it and stay around eco zone, acceleration is more effortless which allows me to stay in eco without trying too hard with decent acceleration. If this thing lasts I have no complaints thus far.
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  16. 3ddie @rana

    3ddie @rana New Member

    Good Morning RollAdicts

    Drove down to Dealer 28 miles to be there by 7:00am for them to tell me that,
    Toyota has suspended there RECALL on ALL Corollas TILL Further NOTICE, they dont know whats UP !
    Is this CRAP or what ?!
    I have an issue w this, my issue is that if you need a service done on the Vehicle, they sure get on youre @$$ about it but they could have email me to let me that the RECALL has been suspended !
    Shame on THEM !

    Eddie A.
  17. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Hey 3ddie, that sucks man. HOpefully they'll issue an update of some sort soon.
  18. beach bum

    beach bum New Member

    I went to my Toyota dealer today 04/17/18 for free routine service, and I was told that the JOD was suspended last Friday 04/13/18. The manager told me that the "fix" isn't working and Toyota has put a temporary suspension on until they find a remedy to the problem and to be patient.
  19. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    I don't know if it's working or not but I can tell a real difference in the way CVT operates since I got it. Regardless of what their intentions were, this is how the CVT should have operated from the start so no idea why they've cancelled it. I'm curious of what the future holds in regards to this particular deal.
  20. two-if-by-sea

    two-if-by-sea New Member

    This totally sux. Scheduled this recall weeks ago, and I took a day off work today to have this recall done. Got there bright and early today, 7:45AM, and was told, "Recall suspended". WTF. I'm a down homer, grew up in a Chevy family. Took me a lot of years to find Toyota's and I'm their biggest fan. That said, i've had nothing but bad luck with their service departments. I do most of my own service. Its a good thing Toyota's don't need much service. I told the service guy today, exactly what I thought about the situation. It's possible I'm no longer welcome in this dealership again. But that's okay, they know how I feel about the situation. This is what I would expect from a GM recall, Toyota is so much better than this.

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