Most of us Probably have a "Recall" (CVT)

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by jeremy_283, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Natron

    Natron New Member

    Most likely the fix is already baked into the 2018s.
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  3. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    This would be consistent with the updates that are still going on in Canada. It still leaves the suspension in United States as a mystery. Oh well.
  4. jolly

    jolly New Member

    So apparently, some US owners are receiving notification to get the upgrade. ECU firmware upgrade "if necessary" (?) and test/inspection of gear ratio control solenoid valve.
    If confirmed, that might be an indication that Toyota US is actually proceeding like Toyota Canada : not everybody at the same time.
    While all uncertainty isn't cleared, it might temper the rumor soon sending the 5 millions units produced in the last 10 years to the scrapyard VS regional (NA) firmware bug.
  5. Rock'n Roller

    Rock'n Roller New Member

    Toyota just released a new CVT follow on campaign (see below). Check the Toyota Owners site to see if your vehicle is affected. I knew there was something fishy when the last campaign J0D was suddenly suspended. Looks like the CVT solenoid valve requires an inspection and maybe another s/w update. What are the chances Toyota will get it right this time?

    Campaign Date
    Aug 1, 2018

    Dealer Reference ID

    An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in the subject vehicles has improper programming that could lead a component in the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to unnecessarily cycle and experience abnormal wear. If this component becomes damaged, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may illuminate in the instrument cluster and the vehicle could experience a reduction of speed. After reaching a pre-determined gear ratio, the vehicle can be operated up to approximately 37 mph.

    Any authorized Toyota dealer will inspect the CVT control software and, if necessary, perform an update for that software at NO CHARGE. After inspecting the software and, if necessary, performing the software update, the CVT solenoid valve controlling the gear ratio in the CVT will be inspected* and, if necessary, the CVT valve body assembly will be replaced at NO CHARGE. A portion of the CVT solenoid valve inspection process requires the dealer technician to test drive the vehicle for a certain distance and at certain speeds. In the unlikely event that the vehicle is exhibiting the condition (i.e., DTC P2820 is present) before receiving this remedy, any authorized Toyota dealer will replace the CVT assembly at NO CHARGE. *: Some vehicles may be exhibiting certain powertrain malfunctions unrelated to the condition covered by this Special Service Campaign, that may interfere with the dealer's ability to perform the solenoid valve inspection. These powertrain malfunctions MUST be diagnosed and repaired prior to performing this Special Service Campaign (DO NOT perform CVT software update or the CVT solenoid valve inspection until these malfunctions are diagnosed and, if necessary, repaired). Resolution of existing powertrain malfunctions are not covered as part of this Special Service Campaign and should be diagnosed and repaired under warranty if still covered. If the vehicle is not covered by warranty, the customer is responsible for the cost of diagnosis and repair.
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  6. jolly

    jolly New Member

    Hope it doesn't mean a second campaign for us Canadians. All the service not said here is "CVT firmware upgrade and inspection". Maybe we were guinea pigs ;) ! At least now we know to check infamous P2820 code !
  7. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    Link? Or pdf save? I'd like to see if the oriduction dates are listed.

    My VIN (2018 LE) still shows clean. Which, if the first
    "update" was wrong, doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Unless it's just a different campaign, in the US, for the same stuff.

  8. jolly

    jolly New Member

    The campaign remains for 2014-2017 models. As mentioned, the 2018 were in all probability produced with the corrected firmware.
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  9. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    So that's great news @jolly - one less thing for me to worry about.
  10. Rock'n Roller

    Rock'n Roller New Member

    Special Service Campaign JSD - Remedy Notice Certain 2014 - 2017 Model Year Corolla Vehicles Certain 2017 Model Year Corolla iM Vehicles Certain 2016 Model Year Scion iM Vehicles

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  11. KokoTheKorolla

    KokoTheKorolla New Member

    I'm taking my 2017 LE in tomorrow to address this. I'm at 15k mi, how much damage have I done? I haven't gotten any lights on the dash, but I rarely take the car above 2500 rpms. Should I worry that the "fix" will do more harm than good? Will the dealership even check to see if my transmission has damage? They told me over the phone that they are going to give me a rental car because they need the car for a day, I'm hoping that means they are going to be checking everything?
  12. jolly

    jolly New Member

    No ! Had it done like many (Canada) without any problem. Not all CVTs have consequences from this firmware problem, which apparently may manifest itself on vehicle frequently driven at higher rpm.
    Not sure why they need the car for the day. Possibly appointment management as the service itself take 60 to 90 minutes including test drive.
  13. Kerophizer

    Kerophizer New Member

    Haha mine's a used rental car, so it's got 3 times that mileage on it. And I have no idea if the dozens of previous drivers hooned the RPMs or not. :/ Hopefully there isn't any permanent damage, and if there is, they'll fix it under warranty?
  14. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    I almost bought a 2017 with 36K on it from a rental agency. A car inspector and my best friend talked me out of it.
  15. KokoTheKorolla

    KokoTheKorolla New Member

    Just dropped off the car and I'm being told the mechanic needs to drive around and perform "some tests" to see if the car is affected. I will only be given a rental if they need to keep it...
  16. BravoRed

    BravoRed New Member

    Please let us know how it goes ...Tks!


    F0RGONDOR New Member

    Just bought my 2015 S last weekend, saw this and scheduled the appointment for next week. Hopefully it goes well.
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  18. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Does that mean I need to re-do the software update if I’ve already done it month or two ago? Does anyone know if they’re using different update etc...?
    I’m in he US and drive a 2015 LE prem.
  19. jolly

    jolly New Member

    Again, Toyota doesn't say much (hello transparency) but since the 2018 are not on the list, one can assume that it's still the same firmware update that has been use in them.
  20. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    I’m at the dealer now with my Corolla I will update when they get it done supposedly from what they said it’s a new software update
  21. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    Newer than what they were doing last year - or just new to your vehicle?
  22. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    I had the previous update done this is a totally new one
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  23. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    I just got the recall done . Paperwork states JSD software update completed the car runs really smooth it took about 1 hour 40 minutes
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  24. KokoTheKorolla

    KokoTheKorolla New Member

    Lol my paperwork says something about interior trim recall...I'll get a pic later...I honestly don't believe they did anything
  25. Kerophizer

    Kerophizer New Member

    They cancelled the previous service campaign and just now started it again under a new ID, so the previous firmware update might be buggy? Probably need to do it again.
  26. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    Then I don't understand why the 2018s don't need this, too.

    The timing seems wrong for the 2018 model year to include this second update.
  27. jolly

    jolly New Member

    If the update is new, yes. But others say that the update is the same, but a different procedure. o_O
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  28. Rock'n Roller

    Rock'n Roller New Member

    My dealer's service dept. told me since I already had the s/w update from the J0D campaign, I just need the CVT solenoid valve inspection and a test drive. According to them, there is no new s/w with the JSD campaign. I'll know more at next weeks appointment.
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  29. jolly

    jolly New Member

    That would be consistent with what we now see on some forums : the J0D campaign didn't last even 2 weeks and Toyota spend the next 3 months searching the reason why some CVTs (not all, by far) went bad after the upgrade, like would do an old high-mileage transmission never before serviced after a fluid change.

    Turns out that those CVT had already damages to the solenoid valve (which would be the mysterious unidentified part that could "experience abnormal wear". The source of the problem would be bad management of higher RPM, so it would go according to driving style.

    So the JSD campaign would be the same firmware but a different procedure involving inspecting (and replacing) the solenoid before performing the upgrade (afterward for those who already had the J0D). The upgrade itself being OK, it's also consistent with all 2018 being manufactured with it (this last part part being the only one officially confirmed by Toyota).

    Not sure about us in Canada since the note of service from dealer visit doesn't say much but do mention "inspection".
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  30. jolly

    jolly New Member

    Should read inspecting (and replacing if needed) the solenoid.
  31. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    At another forum, somebody posted the dealer letter for JSD. This wasn't in the long-running thread on J0D, they made a new one for JSD.

    From the FAQ:

    Q: Are Model Year 2018 vehicles equipped with the same CVT involved in Special Service Campaign JSD?

    A: Model Year 2018 Corolla and Corolla iM vehicles are not involved in Special Service Campaign JSD. Model Year 2018 Corolla and Corolla iM vehicles were produced with the updated software in the ECU, preventing the component within the CVT from unnecessarily cycling and causing abnormal wear.​

    Makes me feel warn and happy.

    The only problem: I've spent a bunch of time learning about the complexities of non-manual transmissions. Somehow, it never occurred to me before. I'm beginning to see why some guys insist on manual transmissions. (In addition to the economy and control.)
  32. jolly

    jolly New Member

    The economy part is still true when buying the car, but in most cases not in MPG. New AT are generally more efficient. But if one wants control, yes !
    They are simpler and may cost less to repair but are not exempt from problems like any mechanical device and require more frequent maintenance (like 30K fluid change VS 60K for AT on Toyota's models.)
    Nothing is perfect ! :)
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  33. kjh07144

    kjh07144 New Member

    getting mine fixed today
  34. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    The one question left in my mind is: why did they suspend J0D in the US but not in Canada?

    I'm convinced that my 2018 is still good. I am actually through obsessing about that part of it.

    I'm just not understanding why the two different countries had such different sequence of events. Especially when those solenoid valves in Canada still need to be inspected, I would think.
  35. jolly

    jolly New Member

    The update having been the same (and hopefully working) since the beginning of 2018 MY production, that leaves only the difference in management/procedure between Toyota US and Toyota Canada to speculate on.
    The two entities operate independently. (Like launching the campaign gradually in Canada vs "bulk" in US.)

    L28 campaign (Canada) is “calibration and update”, implying assessment/adjustment of the CVT before updating, with replacement if the CVT is already “prematurely worn” beyond calibration.
    So owner leaves with either a working updated or new transmission.

    J0D campaign (US) was “update” (to save time?), implying updating, without assessment/ adjustment, all CVTs, including “prematurely worn”.
    So owner leaves with either a working updated or… “prematurely worn” with a then problematic update transmission. Hence the quick suspension.

    JSD campaign (US) is “calibration and update”. The 3 months delay was certainly not, indeed, just to include the calibration step in the procedure.
    It was apparently to provide a repair option (VBC-Solenoid) between calibration and full replacement (probably to save time and money).

    It’s important to remember that the firmware update is apparently about better management of higher RPM, to prevent “premature wear”, not correcting it if it has already occur.
    Only firmware varies according to world areas and time, the hardware of the Toyota-Aisin K313 having been the same for the last 10 years or so.

    Again, just speculating here, in view of the scarce info we have, but we seem to be OK in Canada.
    If there was a flaw, it was not in the update but rather in Toyota US handling of the situation (including communication!)
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  36. kjh07144

    kjh07144 New Member

    just finished mine
  37. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    So there has never been a follow-on campaign to your L28? The original included enough of what JSD does that it prevented any update-induced failure?

    And if so, why would J0D *not* have everything than L28 did? That makes no sense.
  38. jolly

    jolly New Member

    The three ultimately include the same “everything” for owners. It’s for Toyota that the implementation makes a difference.

    L28: Check -> Calibrate and update or replace
    J0D: Update -> replace if update doesn’t work
    JSD: Check -> Calibrate and update or repair and update or replace

    Skipping the “check” part save potentially 1 million+ hours of work/waiting time, though with aggravation for those for whom the upgrade doesn’t work (and, as we’ve seen, “sky is falling” rumors).
    But those savings could be washed out by replacing CVTs that could be repaired.

    The flaw would be that Toyota US figured that out a little late, or maybe waited to validate the repair option by expertise of the sample from the short-lived J0D.
    Then had to establish new procedure, new fees with dealers, new formation for thousands of technicians, hence the delay.

    It wouldn’t even be a surprise to learn that the “repair” part was, in one way or another, hidden behind the “calibration” word in Canada.
    By the way, the campaign did start later in Canada and is still going on without sign of follow-up… yet (let’s be careful!).

    I’m glad that US owners that had the J0D performed have the option to get the calibration part of JDS, to be on the safe side about VBC-solenoid.
    But actually, if the update is working, odds are that those were fine in the first place.
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  39. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Just dropped mine off for the JSD campaign which should take 1.5 hrs give or take. They’re documenting something during the test and send a pic/sample to Toyota to get confirmation as well as road test/software update. Forgot to ask if it’s the same version as original campaign that got suspended or newer. In any case I’m curious to see what they come back with. Most likely nothing:). Question is what happens if it craps out ina year after my warranty is over.
  40. Rock'n Roller

    Rock'n Roller New Member

    This is my follow-up to yesterday's service visit. There was no new s/w update with JSD. If you had the J0D campaign done, your current. The tech took the car for a 7 mile test drive. Came back to the dealership and checked for any stored JSD related faults. This was the inspection portion. There were no stored faults. Uploaded the data into Toyota's tracking system. That was it. Just under 45 minutes. I have 10K miles left on my power train warranty, so let see what happens. The suspect component has potentially already endured 50K miles of abnormal wear. Going forwarded, that component will now be tested for any remaining longevity. Fingers crossed......
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  41. euriel

    euriel New Member

    I want to install a short ram intake alongside with JET airflow sensor... this requires me to disconnect the battery to reset the ECU... will doing this erase the JSD firmware update I just had installed?
  42. nickvanw

    nickvanw New Member

    I just went to schedule an appointment for my '15 at Toyota of Seattle and was told that this campaign was still recalled, and that there was nothing to be done.. That goes against what I'm reading here, I'm curious if anyone else has had their dealer indicate that the new JSD is not ready / available?
  43. Chanse503

    Chanse503 New Member

    Been following this topic for a while now.

    Goin in today for the service here now-hope all is well.

    I’m in Oregon. 2017 SE. I bought it new and have logged just about 25k in the past year-all highway miles just bout.

    Wish me luck, this has had me stressed out....
  44. Chanse503

    Chanse503 New Member

    What a joke, they tell me they don’t have enough time to do the service today an rescheduled me to Tuesday—smdh...
  45. Elizabeth v

    Elizabeth v New Member

    I took my 2017 Corolla into the dealership this AM as the blower will randomly and dramatically decrease the amount of air blowing out. Yesterday on the highway, the blower stopped all air flow for about 30 seconds.
    I don't use the "auto" option as the constant fluctuations drives me crazy. They said they couldn't replicate it and to just use the auto setting. I have a video of it being on high but only a small amount of air coming out and then suddenly blowing a much higher amount of air. They said they cannot fix it based on a video.

    Of note, they did inform me of the CVT recall and are fixing that. Any ideas as to what is going on and if it's related?
  46. Dapsters

    Dapsters New Member

    Just got a 2015 corolla le a few months ago, I've noticed that sometimes it would shake a little around 30mph but clear up after a second or two.. Just figured it was normal for a cvt transmission. I guess that's what this recall is for? Anyways, took it in today to ask questions and they're taking a look at it for us and said it will take 2.5+ hours.

    Once we are done ill post back and see what happened, really nervous
  47. Dapsters

    Dapsters New Member

    Updates done, paperwork doesn't say they physically inspected anything just. That the car needed the update I asked about how the car is going to be considering we drove 40k miles with a faulty transmission software - they denied there would be any bad wear on the transmission.

    I noticed the car doesn't try to simulate an automatic trans anymore, it's just a straight shot to 55mph..havent gotten on the highway to test yet, just overshot the speed limit, usually I feel a "shift" at 45mph
  48. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    That sounds like a good thing to me. That would also explain why I never understood the shift points everybody was talking about, I've got a 2018.
  49. jolly

    jolly New Member

    CVT may jigger a little under hard acceleration, but at a specific speed is a bit odd. Might also come from something else (from tires to motor mount). The recall is to prevent abnormal wear but shouldn't change the way the transmission behave.

    Potentially is the keyword. It's not necessarily constant abnormal wear. It's abnormal wear under certain conditions (related to higher rpm, apparently). Fingers crossed !

    That's the way mine has been since the day I got the car, unless you accelerate "hard". Personally I think it's great, as in "smooth" driving, you get full advantage of the nature of a CVT.
    They show in "harder" acceleration as a marketing gimmick for ears that still associate rpm step fluctuations to feel "performance", but are otherwise pointless if not counter-productive for how a CVT normally works.
    I'm actually wondering if they could be what render the high rpm management difficult to fine tune in the firmware.
  50. JAYEL

    JAYEL New Member

    Had done my last weekend. it took 5 hrs but it was worth it!!! no more unstable RPM and the acceleration is so smooth now! ( 2017 SE )

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