Most of us Probably have a "Recall" (CVT)

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by jeremy_283, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. fitiam4me

    fitiam4me New Member

    The dealer performed a software update, performed a solenoid valve inspection. They said “Valve body assembly replacement NOT required.
    It does seem to shift smoother, not as jerky. Also feels a little more responsive but that could be psychological. Lol!
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  3. Dapsters

    Dapsters New Member

    So earlier I said they removed the fake shift points, I was wrong. I just notice them a LOT less because I don't have to drive the car as aggressive because it's much more responsive feeling. Before I had to hit the gas hard because the car would stutter past 30mph.

    Loving the change so far, really feels like a different car. Kinda worried they didn't replace any parts though..
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  4. Garbage

    Garbage New Member

    Yea, I have to correct my original statement as well. The shift points are still present, seems like I have to push the car a lot more to notice them now though.
  5. fitiam4me

    fitiam4me New Member

    I too, was disappointed that they didn’t replace any parts. I wonder how they determine when to replace and when not to?
  6. Blake

    Blake New Member

    That’s a good question. Also what I don’t understand is that they had to check my vin number first to see if the issue pertained to me. Even though my car drove fine to me they said that my vin number was on the list. And now I take it in and I’m having issues I didn’t have before. After reading everyone’s symptoms, it sounds like I have all the issues everyone else had, except all my issues came after taking the car in
  7. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    They do a test drive, where they accelerate full blast to 40, then coast and observe the variation in RPM after it settles down from coasting. (They log the RPM on a Techstream, a computer connected ot the OBD port.) Too much variation, they replace a part.

    Somebody posted PDFs of the detailed Toyota docs on another forum under a thread named "JSD Service Campaign Now Rolling Out" . It's in the 'technical instructions' document.
  8. fitiam4me

    fitiam4me New Member

    Well, it happened to me again today, even after getting my car updated this past Saturday. I was in Sport mode and the car wouldn’t shift to a higher gear. It stayed in like 3rd even after letting the car coast. The only way it stopped was right after I took it out of Sport mode. This has happened to me like 10 times since I’ve had the car. It doesn’t do it often. Oh, and I wasn’t using the paddle shifters at all. I almost always leave it in Sport mode while in “D”. I may have to make another appointment
  9. Blake

    Blake New Member

    Just got a call from the dealership and my valve body needs replaced. It’s on back order. It will be a minimum of 2 weeks for the part to come in but the guys said more then likely it will be longer an and that they really have no idea on the time.
  10. Emilio

    Emilio New Member

    Just got mine done this morning. ABSOLUTELY feel the difference. I didn't feel like it "faster" but the acceleration is much smoother now!

    I should note before I took it in I was reading what other people where saying about how their Rolla felt after their update. So pre-update, I turned off the radio and listened to the engine on how loud it was and watched the tach to see the rpms and kind of just recorded the sound and feel in my head. I have always hated how loud the car was on just normal acceleration from a stop and my mom even commented once that my car was loud when accelerating from a stop.

    POST-UPDATE the car is MUCH MUCH quieter on acceleration and the feeling of acceleration is much smoother. When I hit the gas of course the engine sound gets way louder, but for street driving its a much more pleasant drive. I wish I knew about this forum earlier!
  11. Cesar Castro

    Cesar Castro New Member

    Just an update:
    I still don’t have my car since I dropped off on August 22. They keep saying that I can’t pick up the car and drive it because there might be damage to the CVT. They are still waiting for the valve part from Toyota.
    It seems like I’m in the same situation as Blake as I have 2 weeks and counting.

    Do they let you pick up the car back?
  12. Blake

    Blake New Member

    I didn’t ask but they didnt say no. They told told me I could get a rental at no charge so that’s what I did. My thinking is, since Toyota know something is wrong already and I go out and drive it and something else happens then I’ll be sol since there’s already an issue.
  13. Cesar Castro

    Cesar Castro New Member

    Yeah they also gave me a loaner. Hopefully my car will be done by next Wednesday at the 3 week mark.
  14. Blake

    Blake New Member

    Don’t get your hopes up. They told me at least 2 weeks minimum for the back order. And we both need the same part.
  15. qqbargains

    qqbargains New Member

    I got my Corolla CVT firmware updated with new calibration ID JSD003 1.0 last week but no part need to be replaced. After a few days driving about 500miles, I feel it now run more smooth.

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  16. Cesar Castro

    Cesar Castro New Member

    Just got my car back today. It does run a lot smoother than before. Extremely happy with the replacement.
    Yes, it was worth 3 weeks wait.
  17. Curious63

    Curious63 Corolla User

    Two weeks ago I took the car to the dealer for the 35K kilometers regular service, which was an oil and filter change, and general revision. Waited there for about two hours and paid the bill. When I was about te leave the premise, I was told that I had to bring the car back as they had to run a CVT update as soon as possible, so I went back the following day. They had the car for a morning as I had to go to work and couldn't wait for the car. They didn't say anything else when I picked up the car that day. However now I notice that the acceleration goes sort of smoother, I had realized that before the update the car had a higher revving all the time. I must mention that this car has had all its services done at the local official dealer where I purchased it, however there has not been any publicity regarding this update. My theory is that they only perform the update to those who take the cars to Toyota dealer, at least locally. I was grateful they did it, as this car is already out of warranty, I think that customers in the USA have a lot more protection than what we do in other countries.
  18. Tony Mora

    Tony Mora New Member

    My S Plus CVT-S is at this moment in for maintenance at dealership and was made aware of the campaign JSD. Its the second time they are updating the software. The first time was before they cancelled JOD. Now it's JSD. Just to be clear I've had no issues with my unit whatsoever. We'll see if there's a noticeable diference and post some feedback.
  19. jolly

    jolly New Member

    They probably won't need to update a second time (it's the same update), but to peform the calibration/diagnostics that should have been performed the first time.
  20. shmeaty

    shmeaty New Member

    Just got the JSD done, I got the first J0D done back in April before Toyota pulled it. IT TOOK THEM 4 HOURS TO DO THIS. A simple firmware update, that took 4 hours. Car feels exactly the same. Waste of my time.
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  21. nmp1

    nmp1 New Member

    hello all, new to the forum but im going to be doing some repair videos with my 2015 le eco. after doing some research i put this video together regarding the transmission recall.

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  22. george.stark

    george.stark New Member

    Was it uniquely the North American consumers and reviewers that "needed" fake shift points? The other markets (europe, japan, etc) still don't have the fake shift points? Crazy, the IQ charts don't show North Americans as being marked stupider than anybody else. Is it because of more magazines with dolts for reviewers?
  23. Christian_pulisic

    Christian_pulisic New Member

    Thanks,I had not right to use to it (no remind or service drive for my VIN). So there it is, it seems that without no date limit, what is a little bit refer as "top secret warranty". What remain to see is how "top secret" this will be, significance if they will send a letter to exaggerated owners or just count on their proposal to check it out.

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