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    Question about oil change

    Oh it does get dark if left too long. But that's good that you got that taken care of :)
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    Question about oil change

    This is just my 2cents. Check your dip stick and see what color is the oil. If it's really dark then it's a must that you have to change your oil. Everyone drives differently and on different conditions. Some can go 5k and others maybe up to 8k. I'm a autotech not that makes a difference lol.
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    2014 Corolla Le Transmission Swap

    If the car originally came with the automatic trans you must change the car ECU for a manual transmission one because the old ECU will be looking for signal from the old trans and that's where the big expense will come to convert it.
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    Injen CAI

    Did you removed the negative side of battery before working on it? The check engine will stay on until you reset the ECU or fix whatever that caused the Check engine light. U need a obd2 reader.
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    Floor mats?

    I ordered mine 2 years ago from weathertech and didn't have any issues when I first order them. It gave options to choose from. (Automatic or manual)
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    Intake talk: Cold air vs. Short ram

    When I was going for my automotive degree I ask my teacher about this and in simple terms he said short intakes are great for hp but you loose torque and CAI is for adding torque but you loose top speed which relates to HP. I have a K&N typhoon (short ram intake) which is perfect for me because...
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    Led taillight bulbs?

    I actually have those JDM astra switch backs on my other car with no issues. U need to install 2 resistors in order for them to function well and last longer. I'm actually going to make a harness to support the resistors to the switch backs.
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    Led taillight bulbs?

    Yup same here. My Rolla actually has all Phillips lighting in the whole car except the turn signals and fog lights.
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    Led taillight bulbs?

    I have 7443 led brake/tail light from Phillips for over 2yrs now and they are pretty good also JDM Astar are a good brand. You can get them at Amazon.
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    Rear Disks swap on LE Premium

    Anything that's has to with the rear brakes requires to convert the hub assembly to hold the new hub with the disc breakes and caliper next thing is changing the proportioning valve. Not if there's any difference on the axle beam from a corolla with drums and the one disc's
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    Latest mod in progress

    Nicely done man. So the 2-3/4 & 2-5/8 fit well then. I'm actually thinking of doing that for my Rolla too. Just to give an extra wow factor when I do uber lol. I currently have blue leds on the side where the skid plates go.
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    Shift knob and shift boot!

    Hey that mod actually looks raw.
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    What did your Corolla get for Christmas?

    Wow what a big improvement by painting that battery. Makes the engine bay look clean.
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    Rear Window Spoiler

    LOL that's the one I also have.
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    Rear Window Spoiler

    Definitely you are going to stand out with that. I have one on mine but it's really small that you almost can't notice it.